Saturday, 5 May 2018

Do You Agree? Our Religious Leaders Contributed To The Downfall Of Nigeria

Disclaimer:- Opinions expressed here are solely that of the Writer and do not express the views or opinions of Naijaloaded. Our religious leaders are meant to strengthen and uphold the faith of the people, but instead, reverse is the case, as they have turned out to be politicians in disguise. They have failed the people and the country as well, they utter political prophecies mistaken it, to be divine prophecies, they perform magic and also mistaken it, to be Miiracle, they claim to see GOD, what’s a Nightmare, and yet their minds are so enclosed and full of evil, No wonder they said, sometimes the Devil can be gentleman, what’s my point. They speak against evil men and yet, they wine and dine with them, the kind of income the big churches generate is more than the large companies in Nigeria. The question now is, where is the money?, what development and assistant have they done to subdue the rate of poverty in Nigeria and improving the living standard of our jobless youth worshipping in their tent. It does not cost each and every churches and mosques to at least offer a loan without interest to engage them in entrepreneurship, thereby reducing the burden of the government, but instead, they tend to make them brings out the little they had. We see so many churches establishing schools both secondary and tertiary institutions with the contribution from the people, and yet not even the low and the middle class can afford such education for their childre, Whats a religious Apartheid. Our religious leaders also contributed to the big problems the people of Nigeria are facing and are better known to be addressed as politicians, because they feed on the daily contribution of the people. Most of their children study overseas, feed well at the expenses from the church fund and yet, most of their worshippers are denied low or no education, goes to bed with an empty stomach, believing it will be well someday, not knowingly we have been robbed with an instrument of the holy book. Nigerians wake up, our religious leaders have lost their place in God and in humanity. Most of our religious leaders lives an extravagant lives with their families and a life full of pleasure unlike our politicians, who goes to overseas for medical checkup, ride on big cars, lives on mansions, owns a private jets and while their worshippers are wallowing in poverty and depression. Our Religious leaders assist our politicians in spreading false news to enable them gets a pot of porridge and packs of peanut, what’s insolent. In conclusion, I urge the Nigeria government to enact a law that will enable them pay tax, for the development of the people and the country as well, since, their big revenue are shared and embezzled by their leaders and church elders. [Written by Comrade Ibeh Ikenna]


  1. I believe that but not all ooooooo, we have fake men of God so those ones are exception

  2. The are seriously one of our problems in Nigeria because they don't say the truth but support some stupid Muslims in killing Christians

  3. Seriously though is not all of them but at least 70%


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